Police Investigate Derby Video

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A video posted on YouTube is now at the center of a police investigation.

It involves an incident in the infield at this year's Kentucky Derby.

The video shows an officer hitting a man several times before putting a knee on his neck.

Now, the Louisville Metro Police Department is looking into whether the officers violated policy.

The person who posted the video said the police had every right to do what they did.

He also stated on YouTube, "He was hitting on the lady in the blue dress and wouldn't leave her alone so the cops became involved. Then you can't see it on the video but he was wrapping his body around the officers leg."

The man was taken away without further incident. You could here people telling the man he he should of walked away, one witness shouted this.

"You could've walked away dude now you're going for a ride. that's just horrible man, they gave you a break."

While many posting comments on YouTube said the police used unnecessary fource.

Others defended their actions, including the man who posted the video, saying this.

"Police did give him a chance to go & told him to leave. he refused & resisted...bottom line the police were not wrong."

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson said this in a statement:

"I do know the police are investigating, as they always do, and I'm sure it will be handled appropriately based on what they find."

The Louisville Metro Police Department is not commenting because this is an internal investigation, however it is in the process of trying to identify the suspect and officers in the video.

Police tell us an internal investigation usually takes about four to six weeks to complete.

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