Police on the Look Out for Shooting Suspect

"I couldn't imagine waking up in the morning, walking down the street and then learning something happened to Jeremy," said Daniel Sloan, a longtime friend.

Unfortunately Sloan learned Thursday morning that something had indeed happened to his friend Jeremy Walters. Walters was shot around 2:30 in front of his home on Raleigh Road.

"Jeremy, he did his little thing. But it wasn't really bad or anything. He'd been going through some problems with his family life," Sloan said.

Sloan says he can't imagine who would do something like this to his friend.

"I don't know if it was just a random act or if somebody had it in for Jeremy," said Sloan.

Two women at the scene were extremely upset when they found out it was Walters who had been shot. Sloan says the shooting will hurt many more people because Walters was very loved.

"It's just a shame something like this had to happen," said Sloan.

Police are looking for 23 year old Desmond Tyreace Coates.

They believe he may have left the scene in a silver Chevy Malibu with Kentucky Plates 351 CVF.