Five-Year Old On Ventilator After Being Diagnosed With E.coli

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A health alert in Lexington. A 5 year old Haley Caldwell is in critical condition and family members believe E.Coli may be to blame.
The girl and her 18 month old sister were both admitted to the Kentucky Children's Hospital.
Haley Caldwell began having severe diarrhea on October 15th. She was taken to Patty A. Clay Hospital in Richmond where she stayed for few days.
Two days later she was rushed to Kentucky Children's Hospital after her pediatrician diagnosed her with E.coli.
Haley is on a ventilator and doctors say she will remain on one for the next 48 hours.
The 18 month old girl spent three days in the hospital and was discharged Thursday afternoon.
Health officials are still investigating what may have made the Madison County girls sick.
The Madison County Health Department confirms they do have an E.Coli case, but will not say who it involves.