Mississippi Volunteers Helping Tornado Victims

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Through sun and rain people were in Kirksville to make repairs and clean up the damage from Friday's tornado. This included a group from Mississippi that once needed help themselves during Hurricane Katrina.

"We left home Sunday and didn't watch the news or nothing so we didn't know anything happened up here", says Ray Ely, from Mississippi.

Driving from Mississippi, a church group was on a mission to help Kirksville Baptist Church.

"To take the old sanctuary and make classrooms in it", says Ray Ely.

That mission, however, quickly changed once they got here.

"We saw there was alot of tornado damage", says Ely.

"This is the first time we've seen tornado devastation. We volunteered to help with the disaster relief", says Dimitra Cunningham, a Mississippi volunteer.

"We said we'd love to!", says Ray Ely.

Joining other agencies, such as Kentucky Disaster Relief, and other churches from across the state, they stepped in to help people like Jessica Carpenter.

"We're depending on people like this to help us out right now", says Carpenter.

Jessica Carpenter's mobile home was one of many in the Kirksville area that suffered damage from the tornado. She has now been told her mobile home and others will be disposed of since they had so much damage.

"They're gonna bulldoze it all down. They said we have up to a week to leave and find a place to go but that's not enough time", says Carpenter.

A feeling the Mississippi group says they understand, once getting help from people in Kentucky during Hurricane Katrina.

"I know how much it feels to us, how much we appreciated the help when someone comes down to help us so I'm sure it's the same up here", says Ray Ely.

"They just blessed our hearts and helped us so much we wanted to bless their hearts and help them with this devastation", says Dimitra Cunningham.

The volunteers from Mississippi say they will stay in the area helping until Saturday when they are set to return home.

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