Waco Tornado Victim Says It's A Miracle She Survived

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Four people continue to recover after surviving the ride of their lives inside a mobile home caught up in a tornado.

The same tornado that killed two people in Western Madison County on Friday also swept thru the Waco area on the eastern side of the county.

The EF-3 tornado picked up the mobile home with Tracy Lusder, Phillip McMaine and two others inside and tossed it into a nearby ravine.

"it all happened so quick. We had no time to react," said Tracy Lusder.

Lusder, who suffered a broken neck and nearly bled to death from a severed artery, remembers the terrifying experience well.

"It's like a vivid dream. I remember every detail. I was horrified," she said.

Her son Josh and his friend Ruben were also in the home when the tornado hit.

"They were tossed over a hundred feet into the yard. We couldn't find them at first," Lusder said.

Lusder and her boyfriend never made it out of the home. They were found buried under a pile of broken lumber and plywood.

Lusder had to be taken to the hospital where she spent two days in critical condition.

"It's amazing, after seeing what happened to our home, that nobody was killed," Phillip McMaine said.

The family tried to salvage what they could, but that is very little.

If you would like to help this family, you can make a donation at any Chase Bank location under the name: Lusder/McMaine Relief Fund.

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