Community Looks to Faith after Fire Destroys Church

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Southern Kentucky firefighters spent more than two hours battling the flames at an early morning church fire. But their hard work at the McCreary County church wasn't enough to save the building.

The light of day reveals just how much damage the Wiborg First Church of Jesus Christ received. Now the pastor says he's not sure what will become of the church.

The pastor Pat Coffey say, "I don't know what we'll do. We don't have insurance."

Coffey has only been pastor at the Wiborg First Church of Jesus Christ for three months, but he's been a member for 32 years. He says he doesn't believe Friday morning's fire was an accident.

"Somebody tried to burn us out approximately three months ago. They set the fire in the same spot as this time."

The north McCreary Fire Department worked the fire with help from Whitley city firefighters. They say the church completely gutted inside and that outside the building, the roof suffered the most damage.

Pastor Coffey says with no insurance the church will have a hard time rebuilding. But he says he isn't angry about what happened, he'll just use his faith to get him through.

Coffey says, "the bible says pray for your enemies."

The pastor says nothing was stolen from inside the church. I you want to help the church you can make a donation by calling Pastor Coffey at 606-326-1939.