Jessamine County Jail Employees In Jail

They were supposed to keep accused criminals locked up, but police say a pair of jail employees were breaking the law themselves.

Mike Rigney and Dana Whitlock are accused of selling prescription drugs to inmates in the Jessamine County Jail, and investigators think the motive may be nothing more than greed.

Police started their investigation 8 months ago after a flurry of complaints, some even from inmates, of illegal drug deals going down in the jail.

Jessamine County Jailer Cecil Moss can't believe that 2 longtime jail employees are now locked up, accused of illegal dealings with inmates.

“What bothered me was that 2 deputies had been served with a warrant for trafficking in a controlled substance,” said Moss.

Mike Rigney is a15 year veteran and a captain. Dana Whitlock is a registered nurse, responsible for supplying medication to inmates. Both were considered law enforcement professionals.

“It’s difficult to investigate these folks because we feel like we're on the same team. But at the same time, you've got to have your strongest players on the team,” said Nicholasville Police Spokesperson Scott Harvey.

Their alleged motive may have been greed.

“A few people saw some opportunities to make some money for themselves. They took advantage of it,” said Officer Harvey.

Jailer Moss says he had no idea an investigation was going on until Wednesday, when the arrests were made. And it's an investigation that could be far from over.

“We're not done placing charges and we're not done making arrests,” said Harvey.

“I have started an internal investigation of my own. That will start with a staff meeting today,” said Moss.

Both Rigney and Whitlock are in the Fayette County Detention Center, to keep them away from the inmate population in Jessamine county.

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