Tornado Victim Recovers From Serious Injuries

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The devastation so evident in the aftermath of last Friday's tornado in Central Kentucky has emergency personnel amazed that the storm didn't claim more lives.

A 43-year-old Madison County man has to be the poster boy for those who cheated death that day.

The twister picked up Tim Wooton and threw him more than 300 yards. He has since gone through 7 surgeries.

Wooton had just returned to his trailer, that was anchored near Kirksville, after doing some work in a nearby metal shop that hasn't been seen since.

Tim's father, Brooks Wooton, tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "He had gone in and sat down in his big overstuffed chair. He had to ride that chair out of there because it was within 10 feet of where he was laying when they finally got to him, and all the other furniture around there was in bits and pieces."

If Wooton hadn't come home to his favorite chair when he did, chances are he wouldn't be alive today.

His mother, Sharon Wooton, says, "No, I don't think he would be. It was absolutely a God thing that he did leave when he did. I just assume he hung on for dear life."

And what a ride that must have been. Sharon Wooton says, "They stepped it off and said it was a thousand feet from where his trailer was actually hooked up to where they found Tim's body."

This is not the first time Tim's parents have received a dreaded call, informing them he was clinging to life after a horrible tragedy. Wooton
was a pedestrian when he was hit by a car in 1990.

His dad remembers, "It was nine or ten months that we had him in the hospital counting rehab and all."

Tim's mother wiped away a tear as she says, "He's a miracle child, that's for sure. I'm amazed at what God has done and how He has sustained Tim through not one but two severe accidents. I had somebody suggest that I must have had an awful Mothers Day, but it was actually the best Mothers Day I've ever had because my son is alive."

His injuries though include multiple spinal fractures, broken legs and a mangled right arm. Doctor's say he may need as many as a dozen more surgeries.

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