Same-Sex Marriage Controversey Involving KY Man

A Kentucky man is in the center of a same-sex marriage controversy in Tennessee, after investigators say he faked, sex-change documents.

46-year old Jo T. Rittenberry was born in Christian County.

He says he was born as a "man," but identifies himself as a "woman."

His family members say Rittenberry went so far as to fake a sex-change document, so he could change his Kentucky birth certificate, to list him as female.

Tennessee officials say Rittenberry used the Kentucky birth certificate, to get married to a Tennessee man.

But same-sex marriage is not allowed in Tennessee.

The two lived together for a year, but after an arrest on an un-related charge, jail officials determined him to be a man, not a woman.

Their marriage was ruled invalid.

Rittenberry is being held in prison on a fraud charge.

Officials also say Rittenberry never had a sex-altering surgery, but the man who married him, says he loves her.

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