One Week After Deadly Storm

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It's been exactly a week since a deadly tornado touched down in Madison County.

The strong EF-2/weak EF-3 tornado touched down last Friday in both the Waco and Kirksville areas.

Two people died, when their mobile home was picked up and the pieces were thrown into a pond.

Mike Yarber and Glenda Charbonnel were buried earlier this week. Another woman, Katrina McKee, was also in that mobile home and is now fighting some serious injuries at UK Hospital.

The Adam Place Subdivision in Kirksville was badly damaged, with many houses in need of extensive repairs. Some houses in the neighborhood were damaged to the point that they have been deemed unsafe to live in.

The Emergency Management Agency in Madison County is hoping to gather NOAA weather radios to be passed out to the community sometime next week.

Several counties have been declared disaster areas in both central and eastern Kentucky.

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