GM To Eliminate 1,100 Dealerships

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There could be more bad news for Kentucky car dealers, as General Motors outlines how they'll reduce the number of dealerships.

It's estimated that GM will reduce it's number by 1,100 nationwide.

Just Thursday, Chrysler announced it was cutting ties with 800 of its dealers, 9 total in the state.

Many of them sell other brands of cars and could potentially stay open without the Chrysler name.

GM dealers were notified by phone call or letter sometime Friday, detailing their future. GM says it will not release a comprehensive list. It is up to individual dealerships to let customers know about whether or not they can keep the GM name.

We spoke with the owner of Spirit Chevrolet, Ken Cusic, who says Friday has been unlike any other day he and his 35 employees have experienced.

Although he has not received word by mail or phone calls, he's still uncertain what the future of his dealership will be like.

Both Chrysler and GM have too many dealerships for too few sales and are slashing costs as they restructure.

If you have questions about how Chrysler's closings will affect you and your warranty, you can call 1-800-992-1997

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