Two Sheriff's Deputies Injured In Accident; One Cruiser Hits Another

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Two Clark County Sheriff's Deputies are recovering after an accident on the Mountain Parkway early Sunday morning.

The deputies were responding to a call of shots fired in Wolfe County right before the accident happened in Clark County. The accident shut down the Parkway for hours.

Police say Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Ricky Estes pulled over on the side of the Mountain Parkway to help a woman change a tire. They say when he tried to get back on the road, he was rear ended by Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Troy Thompson.

Both men were airlifted to the UK Med Center with multiple injuries but none life threatening. UK Med Center officials won't release their specific injuries at this time.

A former Clark County Sheriff's Deputy and a friend of Deputy Estes says he is very concerned about his friend but knows the job he does is a dangerous one.