Bud Mackey Back in Court

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He's no stranger to the courtroom. On Friday, former high school basketball star Bud Mackey was back in front of a judge, fresh off a new arrest.

This time, he's facing a weapons charge.

He was once on top of the world. In 2007, Jonathan "Bud" Mackey was named the sweet 16 MVP after he led Scott County High school to a state title. He also had a full scholarship to play at Indiana University.

But Mackey is now in jail, for the second time.

"He's just got to work this one out, and he got to take it to God now," says Charles Givens, Mackey's long-time family friend.

Mackey appeared in court Friday, after Lexington Police arrested him Thursday, charging him with being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun and receiving stolen property.

This time last year, Mackey was arrested for taking cocaine to Scott County High School. He served 60 days in jail and 30 hours of community service, a lesser sentence from what the prosecution expected with a six month jail sentence.

Mackey gave an interview to NEWSFIRST 27 in May of last year saying, "It hurts me a lot knowing that I let so many people down. And all the people behind me really kept me going, and it hurts me so bad to know I disappointed everyone. I just want to apologize for the community of Scott County."

Those who've stuck by him through the years say they will continue to do so.

"He's a good kid," says Givens.

Mackey is set to appear in court again Tuesday morning.

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