Dr. Oz Speaks To Crowd In Lexington

Dr. Oz, who became a media sensation with his frequent contributions on the Oprah Winfrey Show, spoke in Lexington on Friday.

He was here to celebrate Central Baptist Hospital's 55th anniversary celebration.

When Dr. Oz speaks to a group, there is one message he always tries to get across.

"The number one message for me is that your are the world expert on your body, and frankly only you can be the world expert on your body, and that scares people. They want me to be the expert and give advice, but the big action steps that change longevity are the ones only you can make," he said.

Dr. Oz is able to laugh at the fact that despite all he's accomplished as a surgeon and an author and being named one of Harvard's 100 most influential graduates, he didn't become truly famous until he started appearing regularly on Oprah.

"It is interesting, actually, that the things I wanted to do in my life, and television wasn't on the list, you realize that Miss Winfrey has a bully pulpit. She has the abiIity to communicate with people because she has something that many of us don't have as Americans. She has trust because she's as authentic as can be. And being close to her and learning from her, how she gained that trust and how much she values people who watch the show, to me it was a huge lesson," he said.

His talk in Lexington included some Oprah elements like the fact that health should be fun.

"If health is not fun, you're not gonna do it. People think of health as a wind sprint, saying I'll lose 5 pounds this month. It's not. It's a marathon. If you don't love doing it all the time, it's not gonna work for you. When we travel the world and look at the longest living populations, the things they did they didn't do for a short period of time. They did them for a hundred years, and they were simple things," he said.

Dr. Oz performs more than 300 heart operations per year and has written a number of best selling books.

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