Frightening Find: Owen County Family Finds Human Bones Hidden in Home

It may sound like a Halloween prank, but a skeleton found hidden in a Kentucky home is the real deal.

An Owen County family made the frightening find this past weekend. The family was cleaning out debris from the crawlspace of the home when the found an old garbage bag, inside was human bones.

The family called police who rushed to the home and set up a crime scene. It took investigators about three hours to piece together the mystery.

The bones belonged to a former sheriff’s detective who lived in the house in the 1970s. The sheriff’s department says the remains belonged to a slave believed to have died in the 1880s. The bones washed up from a cemetery in the 1970s after a flood.

It’s believed county leaders from that time told police to do whatever they wanted with the remains. They somehow ended up in the former deputy’s home. The deputy who originally had the bones has died.

The remains are now at the state crime lab in Frankfort where the medical examiner is continuing to investigate the case.