Police Now Say Father Killed His Family, Then Himself

Police have released new information in the case of a family killed in Menifee County.

Police now say the father, 34-year old Bryan Purvis, shot and killed his wife, 29-year old Jeanie "Christy" Purvis, and their two kids 11-year old Bryan Douglas, and eight-year old Jennifer before shooting himself.

A neighbor found the bodies Sunday. The family recently moved into the house where the shootings happened. Police say the four were shot to death with a high-powered rifle.

The reality is still sinking in for neighbors in Menifee County. The loss is especially hard for students who had classes with Bryan and Jennifer Purvis. Grief counselors were on hand at the schools where both children attended.

Bryan was in the 6Th grade at Menifee County Middle School. Jennifer was in the 3rd grade at Menifee County Elementary School. The principals at each school said the Purvis children were both model students.