Clean Race So Far Between Candidates for Next Months Elections

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It's incumbent versus newcomer, but this isn't your typical state senate race. Former Supreme Court Justice James Keller is challenging Alice Forgy Kerr for one of the Lexington, state senate seats.

Lanny Brannock reports, it's been a clean race between the candidates, but the parties haven't been so nice.

Seven days until voters hit the polls, Alice Forgy Kerr and Jim Keller are hard at work asking for your vote and for the most part in a non- confrontational way.

Keller, a long-time judge, says he won't go negative. Keller has pointed out on radio that Kerr voted for state budgets the last two cycles that had too much debt, but Kerr says those budgets were progressive.

Ads paid for by the republican party call Keller a double dipper after he left the supreme court bench early to take a pension. Kerr says she never heard the ads, but says if they're true the truth should come out.