Police Still Looking For Second Suspect

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"It's a nice neighborhood. I've been here 12 years. If it wasn't nice I wouldn't live here," said Norris Mullins.

"We've had an ongoing problem with thugs roaming the neighborhood so to speak," said Bob Sowell.

The neighborhood in question is the Omni Place apartments on Legion Drive. Residents are just learning about a home invasion that took place there around 12:45 Wednesday morning. A man and woman were injured in that attack.

"It's a reasonable place. It's the first time I heard of any robberies over here," Mullins said.

But according to his neighbor there have been cars stolen, tires slashed, and other acts of vandalism.

"It's not really that scary but the thugs usually roam at night when everyone else is asleep," said Sowell.

UK Police found 18-year-old August Mapp near Limestone and Virginia.
He is being charged with the assault and robbery.

We asked both men how they would handle the situation if it had been them.

"It's never happened I don't know," said Mullins.

"I keep a softball bat real close," said Sowell.

The neighbors we talked to say there is security at here at the Omni Place Apartments, but it is sporadic. They both say they would feel safer if it was increased and say they would like to see a full time security guard monitor the parking lot.

The second suspect is still on the loose. He is described as a black male in his 20's. He is five feet six inches tall with a muscular build.