Cleanup begins at Jessamine County cemetery

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It was a crime in a place that holds hundreds of years of history, but work is already underway to repair what vandals damaged.

Today as cleanup began on the Ebenezer Cemetery in Jessamine County, it became a hard site for loved ones to see. The cemetery contains headstones that date back to the 1700's. More than a dozen of these were damaged over the weekend.

For the last twelve years Christine McCauley has gone to the cemetery.

"Since 1997 by myself since my husband passed away", says Christine McCauley.

McCauley takes care of the headstones where he loved ones are buried.

"I come every year about this time to put a few flowers on my mother and father-in-law", McCauley says.

However today was unlike any other visit for Christine McCauley.

"I was really truly shocked when I walked in", says McCauley.

One of the tombstones was was damaged by vandals over the weekend belongs to one of her family members.

"Everybody will be shocked that it's down. Nobody else knows it in the family because we hadn't heard it", says McCauley.

As cleanup began today on the headstones families came to check on loved ones.

"This is a shame someone would come out here to disturb these monuments", says Joseph Haydon, who has family buried at the Ebenezer Cemetery.

It's a cruel act at the historic cemetery that these families are hoping doesn't happen again.

"I just hope they catch them", says Joseph Haydon.

"It's bad but there's a lot of people in the world that do these kind of things and think nothing of it I guess", says Christine McCauley.

A $200 dollar reward is being offered by those affiliated with the church and cemetery, so if you have any information contact the Jessamine County Sheriff's Department.

As for the tombstones, many of the smaller ones were put back up today. On Thursday a crane will be brought in to repair the heavier ones.

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