Teenager hurt in Pulaski Co. bus crash praises driver

It began as a routine ride home on the school bus, but it ended with Chris Letner quite possibly receiving the biggest scare of his young life.

"All of a sudden a big bang," said Letner, who among the high school students on the bus that involved in the crash Monday afternoon.

Police say a car and the bus "side-swiped each other," and sent both vehicles crashing onto opposite sides of the road.

"We jumped the ditch line and whenever we did, I flew up off the seat, we hit the trees, I hit the seat again, flipped over it.," said Letner.

Letner literally fell out of the bus. His 17 year old brother was a few seats away, helping other students off.

"I got up there and the bus driver was alight, made sure nothing was catching fire," said Ralpie Letner.

Ralphie didn't at first know his brother was hurt..later while on the phone with their mother..he knew the situation was worse.

"He calls 10 minutes later and says 'mom, they're working on Chris." I said, 'they're working on him. Is he bleeding?' He said 'no,' and I could Chris screaming. And I panicked!" said Kimberly Letner.

Letner was airlifted to UK, but was released this morning. Another student and the driver were also hurt, but were treated and released.

Bus driver Dorothy Ratcliff has been driving buses for 30 years. She has a spotless record and she's being called a bit of a hero today.

"Most bus drivers would have freaked..probably wrecked worse, it started rocking..I thought it was going to flip," said Chis.

Letner says besides a few sore ribs..he's going to be just fine.

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