Lexington nightclub owner arrested, he says he's being targeted

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The owner of Club 9, on Winchester Road, has been charged with not having a liquor license, having a loaded gun, and drug possession.

It started early Friday morning, outside Club 9. Police say they were called to a fight outside the club, saying once the group realized the police arrived they ran into the club.

Police followed the group only to discover the owner of the club, William McGinnis inside. Police would also find crack cocaine on a couch, a loaded .40 caliber handgun, and marijuana.

McGinnis was taken to jail but was able to post bond. 27NEWSFIRST spoke with McGinnis who says the Police have it out for him and his club saying they've wanted to close the club as soon as it opened.

He says the drugs belonged to guests of the club, not him and police were only able to find a half-full bottle of beer but because of Kentucky law it was enough to charge him with selling liquor without a license.

McGinnis says he plans to fight the charges when his case goes to court.

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