Madison County Girl Recovers from E.Coli Infection

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Haley Caldwell is still listed in serious condition, but if all goes well she could be moved to a regular hospital room in a matter of days. Haley, from Madison County, is recovering from an E.coli infection.

Haley Caldwell's parents, Stevey and Jaime have been at their daughter's side throughout her medical roller coaster ride. The valleys, the dire medical situation, seeing Haley hooked to life support equipment were tough.

Now her doctor says baring unforeseen complications, Haley should be able to find her way out of the critical medical woods. Haley could be out of intensive care before week's end and the presence of two loving parents is an important part of the brighter picture.

Haley Caldwell still has a long way to go and there remain medical obstacles to overcome. But for now, doctors are optimistic for the little girl's recovery. If you'd like to help Haley Caldwell's family there's a fund set up. You can donate to the Haley Caldwell care fund at any Fifth Third Bank.

Officials aren't sure what the infection came from, but are still investigating it.