Jeremy Johnson's body identified

After a year of searching, the family of Jeremy Johnson is finally getting the answers to questions they wondered so long about.

“A lot of relief.”

That statement from Doug Warfield, who is Johnsons' second cousin. But he's also a volunteer firefighter who spent hours and sleepless nights combing the Knox County hills looking for the man police say was murdered.

“We were on horseback, riding horseback, all over this county. When that did no good, we got on 4-wheelers, 7 or 8 of us on 4-wheelers,” said Warfield.

Police say Daniel Grubb murdered Johnson. Grubb and Bobby Walters were arrested last month because police say they buried Johnson's body. Only police didn't know exactly where until last Friday..when an anonymous tip led them to Indian Creek, where bones were found in a shallow grave.

“Sad and happy I guess. Sad that it happened the way it did. But finally relieved we found his body,” said Warfield.

During a preliminary hearing last month, police testified that Grubb and Johnson were heard arguing over pills and money outside a Corbin bar. Police now say Grubb killed Johnson by blunt force trauma to the head...and he and Bobby Walters are accused of then hiding the body.

“A lot of people thought it was a big surprise that Daniel and Bobby..especially Bobby, Nobody thought that Bobby would never do anything like that. He was quiet and kept to himself,” said Warfield.

But now Grubb and Walters wait to see wait a grand jury will a family prepares for a funeral they've waited nearly a year to have.

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