Police Call Suspect: Lexington's First Serial Killer

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Thursday was the first time Robert Smallwood appeared in court, and now police are calling him Lexington's first serial killer.

His case has waived to the grand jury. During the preliminary hearing the common wealth called Det. Matt Brotherton to the stand. Det. Brotherton testified that Smallwood admitted to killing Erica Butler, in April of this year.

Det. Brotherton, told the court Smallwood said he tied Butler up and strangled her with a scarf while he had sex with her. When asked about the three other victims Det. Brotherton said Smallwood told him he does not remember them, but says he probably did it. During cross examination Smallwood's attorney asked Det. Brotherton if he felt Erica Butler's murder was intentional or a way to enhance the sexual experience.

Two of the victim's mother were in the court, Benita Allen and Valerie Butler. They both told 27 NEWSFIRST they felt it was too soon to hear0 about their daughter's deaths.