Sole Survivor Of Comair Crash Flight 5191 Target Of Lawsuit

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The lone survivor of the Comair Crash is now the target of a lawsuit. James Polehinke was the co-pilot and now for the first time, he's named in a lawsuit by one of the victim's families.

Late Thursday afternoon, the family of Charles Lykins filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida against Comair and Co-Pilot James Polehinke. Attorney Steven Marks tells 27 NEWSFIRST the reason it's being filed in Florida, instead of in Kentucky, is because that is where Polehinke lived before the crash.

There are at least 13 other lawsuits that have been filed since the crash, this the first naming Polehinke. Charles Lykins died in the Flight 5191 crash on August 27th. He was from Winchester, but was living in Florida with his wife and two kids.

Another reason, the Lykins family attorney tells me the lawsuit was filed in Florida is it historically has higher jury verdicts than Kentucky.