Pulaski County House Fire Investigated For Arson

Firefighters battle early morning house fire in Sevier County.
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A woman's home goes up in flames earlier this week, now a southern Kentucky woman says she doesn't know where she and her two children are going to live.

Now arson investigators are looking to see if the fire near Somerset was intentionally set. The woman says she had left her home Wednesday night and everything was fine. But later when she looked down the street from a friend's home, her home was on fire!

Amanda Adams says, "it hasn't really hit me. It's like I lost my heart and soul."

Adams says everything she and her two children owned are now gone, lost in a fire that both firefighters and police responded to Wednesday night. Adams says she tried to run in a grab something to save, but couldn't.

Adams says, "but it was nothing but smoke, blowing right at me, took my breath away. I couldn't see, no way I could go in."

The fire broke out just about 8:00 a time when her daughter would normally be inside asleep.

Adams says, "it was the back half of the house, that's where my daughter's room is. If it wasn't for her grandmother getting her off the church bus, she would've been there asleep."

State police were called to investigate if the fire was intentionally set, something Adams says she can't believe.

"How could it be arson? I mean I have no enemies, who would do that? There's no way it could be arson," Adams said.

Police have confirmed there was a domestic violence call at the home before the fire. Police are investigating to see if there is a connection between the fire and that call, in Pulaski County. Adams says she rented the home and does not have insurance, but the owner of the trailer does.