Police To Enforce Tougher Law Against Ticket Scalping

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You see a lot of people buying and selling tickets around Rupp Arena when UK plays, but did you know that's illegal?

Police say it's time to learn the law because they plan to enforce it! When people stand on the street corner holding a sign reading "I need tickets" what they are doing is perfectly legal. Selling tickets at list price is legal until two hours before an event at Rupp Arena, during the time of the event and one hour after it's over.

During the black out time any transactions must take place outside what police call the zone, outside an area within two blocks of Rupp. The law against ticket scalping, making a profit by selling at inflated prices, is state-wide.

A local ordinance against peddling was changed recently to include anyone doing unlicensed business in the blackout zone. Even before that change, Craig Wilson of Paris was arrested, jailed, strip searched, and fined when he tried to sell an extra ticket at face value for the game against South Carolina in 2005. He's still fighting the case.

Vice police working under-cover say they'll be watching closely for law breakers. Since Thursday's game starts at 7:00 p.m. the law is in effect now.