Family out-smarts sweepstakes scammers

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A Montgomery County couple is warning it's Central Kentucky neighbors to watch out for scammers.

The Cantrell family in Jeffersonville got a call telling them they'd won 2.5 million dollars. All they had to do was send a cashier's check for $325 to an address in Las Vegas. The family knew immediately it was a scam and tried to get the scammers to leave them alone.

But the con artists wouldn't quit, they called the family from several numbers inside and outside the United States and Jamaica, harassing them, and trying to persuade them they were missing out on millions.

The harassing phone calls still have not stopped, but the family says they aren't falling for the scheme and neither should you. The Cantrell's say they plan to file a formal complaint with the Attorney General's Office to get the scammers shut down.

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