Man Accused Of Killing Son, May Soon Face Jail Time

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We have new information in the case of a Lexington father who admitted he killed his son by leaving him in a hot S-U-V.

Leon Jewell violated his probation and may face jail time. Sam Leon Jewell will soon be behind bars again, he was caught drinking alcohol while at his treatment center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Court documents show on the weekend of October 7th and 8th, Leon Jewell was caught drinking and on the 9th, discharged from the sober living program in Mississippi.

When Jewell was first sentenced to five years of probation, the judge ordered him not use alcohol and drugs that are not prescribed. He entered the Pine Grove Next Step Rehabilitation Center and competed the sober living program.

Jewell didn't do it, even though he was caught drinking. Judge Ishmael has agreed to let him finish his treatment at another treatment center. After Jewell completes his rehab next week, he'll be booked in the Fayette County Detention Center.

He even wrote a letter to the judge admitting he was still drinking. Jewell is scheduled to be in court for a probation hearing on November 16th.