Driver Survives Being Trapped In Refrigerated Truck For Hours

An amazing story of survival. Lexington police find a man who had been trapped inside a refrigerated trailer for more than 21 hours!

Police got a call around 10:45 a.m. Friday of a suspicious tractor trailer on Citation Blvd. The first officer on the scene says it was a Save-A-Lot truck, with the engine was still running.

The police officer also noticed the seal was broken on the back of the trailer. When he opened it up, he found the driver laying on the floor. The driver says he had stopped to check his load Thursday and the wind blew the door shut.

The temperature inside the trailer was 33 degrees. The driver was only wearing a T-shirt and could only see with a watch and a lighter. The driver was taken to UK Hospital, suffering from severe hypothermia. The man is now listed in good condition.