McCreary Church Fire Ruled Electrical, Not Arson

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One week ago Friday a small southern Kentucky church was destroyed by fire. Now people in McCreary County are being asked to help the Wiborg congregation rebuild.

For 100 years the building has stood on the McCreary County Hillside. For the last 50 it's been a church. Members have come and gone and in recent years less than ten people gathered here to worship. But for people like Violet Boyatt, it's more than just a church.

Boyatt says, "you know that's home to all of us because I remember as far back as a child, that's where I grew up in church."

Members are saddened their little piece of history is gone. They're going to rebuild, but they need money. A telethon will ask viewers of cable channel to give.

Kentucky State Police have already ruled the cause of the fire as electrical, but church members say they can't believe that. They believe it was intentionally set.

A member says, "I think it was arson myself, that's my thinking. I think they should investigate to know if we've got someone brave enough to burn our church, they could burn others."

Someone broke into the church three months ago and set a small fire then. The telethon on MBR TV cable Channel 2 airs Saturday from 1p.m. to 5p.m. in McCreary County.

A state police spokesperson says an arson investigation ruled the cause of the fire as electrical. The ruling was based on where the fire was started.