Attendance drops amid health concerns

Classes are continuing Thursday at a central Kentucky elementary school, despite some concern from parents about a confirmed H1N1 case in a student.

A student at Anne Mason Elementary School in Scott County was diagnosed with the H1N1 virus. The school was notified on Wednesday by health officials.

Officials at the school said they made the decision to keep the doors at the school open after talking with health officials.

Crews disinfected the school overnight. Letters were also sent home to parents on Wednesday, explaining the health situation.

Even though school officials are taking precautions, many parents are still concerned. Attendance at the school is usually between 96-97% but dropped to 85% on Thursday. School officials say they're not surprised by that drop.

Around the school, there are signs reminding students to wash their hands. Cups were also placed by the water fountains for students to drink out of. Principal Leah Riney says they have also cleaned and disinfected the school so that students are safe.

Currently, there are some 5th graders at the school away on trip to Virgina. School officials contacted chaperones and teachers with the group Wednesday to notify them about the H1N1 situation. None of the students was reported to be feeling bad.

Principal Leah Riney also says they have been notifying the parents of the students away on the trip to let them know about the situation at school, since they didn't receive the letter sent home. They have also been contacting parents of students who may have been in contact with the student who got the H1N1 virus.

Principal Riney assures parents it is okay to send you student to school, and reminds them that the H1N1 virus is just like any other strain of flu.

As for the student, school officials say the student is at home and is reportedly doing well. Health officials and the CDC are still trying to determine how that student got the virus.

In Madison County, health officials are monitoring the state's first H1N1 cluster. A resident at an assisted living community has a confirmed case. There are 20 other suspected cases in the facility.

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