Richmond store owner on a lucky streak

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The odds are astronomical, but one convenience store seems to have the best luck in the world.

Jack's BP in Richmond has sold not one or two Win For Life tickets, but three in just a few years. It's owner is a man who is not just lucky in the lottery, he's lucky in life.

Jack Wyatt gets it wrong when he says, "My customers, they are the lucky ones."

Jack has already overcome more health problems than anyone should ever have to. He tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "I've survived four types of cancer."

He does admit to hitting the jackpot when a big new mall was built right next door, increasing his business dramatically. "Everything is going real good for us, real good." Especially the sale of lottery tickets, "I'm telling you, the line has been way down the aisles, and they'd be buying 50 to 60 dollars worth."

And when he sells a winning ticket, he gets a cut of one per cent which has now added up to around $25,000 in bonus money for the store. As if three winners weren't enough, Jack's BP made one customer very happy about 8 weeks ago. Jack says, "I sold a million dollar scratch off that time."

But even as much joy as Jack has provided his customers, he can't help but feel sorry for some of them. "It's a shame, but some of em are just addicted to buying those lottery tickets."

Jack says he'll feel luckier if this week's winner turns out to desperately need the money. "Especially right now with the recession we're in. It would be nice if it's somebody who just got laid off from their job."

The way things have been going for Jack Wyatt, that's probably exactly the way things will turn out, but as of Wednesday afternoon, the winner had still not come forward.

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