Mother Charged With Murdering Son Sobs During Arraignment

Wynema Worley entered the Wayne County courtroom with little expression.

At first, attorneys discussed the charges. Count one: Worley is accused of murdering her son, 8-year-old Dylan Rambo. Count two: criminal attempt to commit murder, because prosecutors say Worley's daughter was also in the car.

Commonwealth's Attorney Larry Rogers says a witness says that Worley intended to drive her car into Lake Cumberland, but he says that witness was not in the car.

“None of the indictment stemmed from any statement made by the daughter. The physical evidence, made by the defendant herself and the statement made by a third party,” said Rogers.

Then, talk turned to bond. Worley says she can't get out on her $100,000 cash $200,000 property bond.

“I had a friend of mine say he could go, $45,000 or $55,000,” Worley told the judge.

While attorneys were discussing bond, the prosecutor had his file open to a picture of Dylan Rambo's body and her attorneys say Wynema Worley saw it, as well.

“You got a little boy who lost his life in this case. We believe that's a very reasonable bond in this case,” Rogers told the judge as Worley also saw the picture of her son’s body.

Worley broke down and cried.

“She wanted to know why he had to show her the picture and I explained to her it was unintentional,” said Teresa Whitaker, the public defender representing Worley.

“We did show the court a picture of the 8-year-old. I can only imagine what the last few minutes of his life were like, now trapped in a car,” said Rogers.

Judge Vernon Miniard refused to lower Worley's bond, stating the "gravity of the charges." She is due back in Court on December 5th for a pre-trial hearing.