$60,000 pay raise is raising eyebrows

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The General Manager of WMU gets a pay raise, and some are upset about the amount of money, while others at the way the raise was handed out.

14 thousand customers of the Winchester Municipal Utilities help pay general manager Vernon Azevedo salary.

Winchester mayor Ed Burtner says, "He's paid through user revenue and user fees for the utilities."

For awhile it was unclear just how much Azevedo was getting paid until city commissioner Dennis Wallace did some digging.

"I would be interested to find out what the hourly rate of all employees at WMU is."

Wallace says he discovered Azevedo, who was making $51.75 an hour, recently got a raise of $30 an hour. Bringing his hourly total to $81.73.

Wallace says, "For somebody to get a 60 thousand dollars a year raise when were trying to rob Peter to pay Paul..."

Mayor Ed Burtner is upset as well but for a different reason, because of the way the raise was handed out.

"It was done without anyone knowing about it."

At a closed to the public meeting, utility commissioners granted the raise, a raise that went unnoticed by some for months.

The mayor says no decisions like this will be made behind closed doors again.

Vernon Azevedo says as far he knows the raise was given within the law, and says as for the amount of money, that decision is made by utility commissioners not himself.

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