Lexington Mayoral Candidates Vote and Continue To Campaign

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Lexington's race for mayor is in the home stretch right now. The candidates have voted already, but they're still campaigning through out the day.

The key to just about any political race is getting your supporters to the polls. The Lexington's mayoral candidates say they'll try to get the vote out all day.

It's a nerve racking end to a race that's been two years in the making, Jim Newberry and Mayor Teresa Isaac cast their ballots Tuesday morning, but their day is far from over. The candidates say they will continue to make phone calls through out the day, encouraging people to come out and vote.

A veteran of political races mayor Isaac says she has confidence as the race winds up. Newberry has guarded optimism in his first run for public office.

Lexington should expect a higher turnout than the projected statewide number of 43%, mostly because of the mayor's race and the water referendum.