Police investigate family shooting over VCR

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One person was sent to the hospital, another behind bars after a shooting in Jackson County, reportedly over a VCR.

25-year-old Wes Wagers says a shooting that happened in front of his home shouldn't have happened.

"It's a misunderstanding," says Wagers.

The shooting happened just after nine Friday morning on People's Road in the community of Kerby Knob, just southwest of McKee.

Wagers mom tells 27 NEWSFIRST the incident happened because of a VCR.

"My VHS player wouldn't work anymore," says Wagers.

Wagers says he went next door to his aunts house to borrow hers.

"I asked my aunt to trade VCR's with me because she only uses hers for the DVD player," says Wagers.

His aunt says he then got angry and fired a .22 Magnum in her home before leaving. Wes says that didn't happen.

"It's a lie," Wagers says.

He does admit after he left his aunt's home, his uncle who also lives next to him, 45-year-old Abraham Wagers, stopped him and stepped in.

"He threw a punch at me in face," says Wagers.

That's when Wager's allegedly fired his gun, shooting his uncle in the backside.

"I had a gun holding it down and wasn't holding it on him. I had been out target shooting and left the gun out and it must have hit gravel, or gravel hit him, or a bullet ricocheted off of it or something like that," says Wagers.

Wes Wagers was later arrested.

"The guy jumped out with a pistol and I threw my gun in the yard and said 'I surrender. Don't shoot! Don't shoot!'," says Wagers.

Abraham Wagers was taken to a London hospital. His family says he is doing fine.

Wes Wagers is charged with first degree assault, robbery, and wanton endangerment.

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