Drivers need to watch for road debris

Memorial Day weekend is here and lots of people will be hitting the road. AAA estimates 32 million Americans will travel this weekend, but there are some dangers drivers should look out for.

On any given day, America's highways are littered with things that shouldn't be in the middle of the road: like tree branches, tricycles and even furniture.

An accident on I-75 in Lexington Thursday night occurred because a wooden door flew out of a pick-up truck.

The driver behind it swerved to miss the door, and hit a concrete barrier, causing the car to burst into flames.

The driver suffered only minor injuries, but there is a lesson here. Whatever you're hauling in your truck or on top of your car, make sure it's well secured or risk getting a ticket.

"You're are responsible for keeping those contents in your vehicle, and if they do come out of your vehicle and you're aware of it, you can be cited for it," said Sgt. David Jude with Kentucky State Police.

Jude also has some words of wisdom for drivers this weekend.

"My advice would be to slow down, just be aware, keep extra driving distance between the vehicle in front of you and safely maneuver around it," he said.

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