Two Kentuckians indicted in international counterfeiting case

GREENUP COUNTY, KY -- Two Kentucky men were charged in federal court last week with trying to buy counterfeit $100 bills from a person in Nigeria, with the intent of passing them off as real in Greenup County, reports The Lexington Herald-Leader in its Saturday edition.

According to the indictment filed May 14 in Ashland, Scott Anthony Raney, 29, of Raceland, had e-mail conversations with a person purportedly in Nigeria, who agreed to FedEx fake $100 bills. Raney was then expected to sell the $100 bills and send the person in Nigeria a portion of the profits.

On Oct. 15, the indictment says, Nelson Kile Miller, 20, of Flatwoods, bought five $100 bills from Raney.

Raney and Miller are indicted with conspiracy to buy or sell counterfeit bills and pass them off as genuine. Miller is indicted with knowingly receiving counterfeit bills from Raney.

The two were released from prison to await trial, set for July. Calls to their attorneys were not returned Friday, reports The Lexington Herald-Leader.

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