Lexington Mayor-Elect Jim Newberry Makes Appearances Around Town

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Jim Newberry says he only got a few hours of sleep last night and this morning the newly chosen mayor-elect is already making the rounds.

After a night of celebrating Mayor-Elect Jim Newberry got up early to begin discussing his new job.

Newberry says, "I think it was a reflection of the community's desire to see a change in the way business is being done, make their desire for change known."

Newberry has a full day of appearances planned and went on talk radio to discuss what he wants to accomplish when he gets in office.
He and Vice Mayor-Elect Jim Gray say they want end the confrontations in the office, but they won't rubber-stamp policies for the sake of agreeing.

Newberry and Gray say they have met to talk about their plans for Lexington, but they didn't want to solidify any of those plans until they won the election. Now they say they plan to give it much more dedication.

Also in the next few days, you can expect Mayor Teresa Isaac to meet with Newberry to discuss the transition process. Newberry says he was shocked by the margin he won by, but that he plans to focus on giving the people of Lexington the change they voted for.