What now for Bluegrass FLOW?

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Kentucky American Water President Nick Rowe says the water ownership issue is over but Foster Ockerman Jr. with Bluegrass FLOW says the question may be over for now, but that's not to say the issue is going away.

Ockerman says this is just like any other campaign, when it's over you take a step back and reassess things.

This water war has raged on for nearly five years now and according to Ockerman the price tag on Bluegrass FLOW's campaign leading up to this election is between 40 and 50 thousand dollars.

He says that bill will be paid with money from private donations and proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets that FLOW is selling for a Toyota Prius. If you log onto the Bluegrass FLOW website (www.bluegrassflow.org) you'll notice it's pretty much empty except for the information on the raffle.

Kentucky American president Nick Rowe says now that the vote is over, it's time to get back to business. He urged his employees to be humble with the win and to be appreciative of the voters and KY American's customers. He said it's time to get back to doing what the company is supposed to be doing and that's providing good quality service.

Ockerman says this idea is not going away because the merits of local ownership are still there.