Some County Clerks Say Tuesday Night Ended Wednesday Morning

It’s a scene common in many county clerk offices throughout Kentucky. Checking and re-checking vote totals. In Pulaski County, election night didn't actually end until Wednesday morning.

“It’s stressful. And we are out of here at 12:30 last night,” says Pulaski County Clerk Trudy Denham.

So dozens of absentee votes are being re-counted all because a computer wouldn't read some votes.

“One would count the first batch of absentee votes, but it wouldn't count the second batch; we had to hand do those,” says Denham.

Most polls have both old machines like the one referred to by the Pulaski County Clerk as the Big 1242, and the newer electronic units called E-slate. The problem came down to the counting.

“We couldn't get them to combine totals. So we had to manually do that.”

Pulaski County officials don't expect any of the races outcomes to be changed