Somerset Mayor Might Ask For Recount Of Mayoral Votes

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There's some big changes on the way in the Somerset mayor's office. The incumbent J.P. Wiles was defeated Tuesday by Eddie Girdler by only 43 votes! J.P. Wiles has been the mayor of Somerset for two terms.

Eddie Girdler is the director of Housing Authority in Somerset. Wiles says he accepts defeat, but says he's surprised by the results and will probably ask for a recount.

Wiles says, "the way I see it, we had an election and the other side won. I lost. I accept that graciously with the fact that it's not final."

Eddie Girdler says, "Somerset is going backwards, going backwards in terms of population. We're decreasing in population because we're focusing on infrastructure, but not getting people."

We'll bring you more on the recount in Somerset on 27 NEWSFIRST.