Disabled Daughter Severely Malnourished , Police Charge Mother For Neglect

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A Louisville mother accused of nearly starving her daughter is charged with caretaker neglect. The mother, Ronda Ferrell was also ordered in court Wednesday to stay away from her child.

Detectives say the investigation began when a concerned special needs teacher from Moore Traditional High School went to check on her student. The 19-year old who suffers from Cerebral Palsy didn't show up for the first few weeks of class.

After the teacher's visit the 19-year-old showed up to school, but at four-foot-four-inches she weighed only 33 pounds.

Police were immediately called and the girl was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for severe malnutrition. Soon after the girl's mother was taken in for questioning.

Detectives now say the persistence of the 19-year-old's teacher kept this incident from becoming even more tragic. Police say Ferrell told investigators her daughter went up to five days in a row without anything to eat.

We'll bring you details on the girls condition as it unfolds, on 27 NEWSFIRST.