Two Girls Hit By Alleged Drunk Driver

The Lawrenceburg Police Department have charged two women, after they allegedly hit two young girls with their car.

Police tell us the two women left the scene after hitting the girls. Police say Samantha Moore was drunk when she hit the 10 and 14- year- old girls Saturday night.

The girls say they were walking to the mailbox when they were hit from behind. The 14-year-old girl says she bounced off the hood of the car and hit the windshield. The ten-year-old was unconscious in the road after she was struck by the car.

The girls were taken to the hospital and they say they still suffer from pain and bruising caused by the accident. Police say after the accident, Moore switched seats with the passenger in the car, Robin Readnower. Officials tell us Readnower is now charged with tampering with evidence.

Moore faces two counts of assault and driving under the influence. Both woman charged in the hit run, will stand before a judge in court Thursday morning.