Lincoln murder trial begins Tuesday

The answers to what happened in Lincoln County in February of 2002, when two young men were murdered, could start coming out Tuesday when the first suspect goes on trial.

Jamarkos Campbell was one of five arrested in connection with Bo Upton and Ryan Shangraw's murders in the Hubble community.

The trailer in which Ryan Shangraw and Bo Upton were shot to death in has not changed much in 7 years time. Even bullet holes that riddled it are still visible.

“I want to know what happened that night,” said Rick Shangraw, Ryan’s father.

Police say one motive was robbery, but Shangraw says he knows that drugs also had something to do with it.

“I know what kids do, and adults for that matter. Smoking pot, different stuff. I knew he did that, but I didn't know anything about drugs. They talk like he had all kinds of money,” said Shangraw.

Bo Upton and two teenage girls were visiting Shangraw when police say 4 men, with bandanna covered faces, entered Shangraw's trailer and opened fire.

Upton and Shangraw were killed. The girls were hurt. The case went unsolved for 6 years, and Shangraw says he still doesn't understand why his son died in a such a violent act.

“That's what drove us so crazy. We couldn’t figure out who would want to do that. That was really the worst part about it,” he said.

Campbell was charged after some DNA lab work linked him to the crime scene. 4 others were arrested within weeks. And while Campbell is the first to go on trial Tuesday, Shangraw worries he may not receive enough punishment.

“I just don't feel like a whole lot is going to be done. To this particular one. Because he was a juvenile,” Shangraw said.

But Shangraw says he's anxious to hear all the details, even the potentially troubling ones, of why his son was murdered.

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