Displaced tornado victims find new home

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After losing nearly everything when a tornado ripped through their home, the McKee family is on the road to recovery.

Four-year-old Trevor McKee witnessed more than some adults do in a lifetime.

His father, Mike Yarber, and family friend, Glenda Charbonnel, were killed earlier this month in Kirksville when a tornado picked up their mobile home and threw it into a pond.

Trevor and his one-year-old brother, Travis, survived, along with their mother Katrina McKee, who will likely be paralyzed. They're now staying with their grandmother, Eva, who also lost her home.

But the McKee family says they are now on the road to a much needed recovery.

The non-profit group, 'A Simple Sacrifice' that provides housing for displaced cancer patients has offered the home to Eva McKee and her grandchildren for at least the next six months.

"Since the home was built for children to help in displacement, we like a tornado was also a displacement for them as cancer is for children," says Dianna Ackerman with 'A Simple Sacrifice.'

The family is hoping this will be just what they needed.

"It's some stability for the children, so they know they have a home again," says Eva McKee.

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