Camp Nelson Cemetery holds remembrance ceremony

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Hundreds turn out at Camp Nelson on Jessamine County to remember lost loved ones and share memories with others.

At the Camp Nelson National Cemetery there is a lot to remember. The headstones are testament to that fact.

There are no headstones directly to the left of Cpl. William McMillan's tombstone, however.

McMillan was killed by a roadside bomb on July 8th of 2008, giving new meaning to Memorial Day for the McMillan family.

His sister, Lauren Buchanan, says it's still difficult to realize he's gone forever.

She says Memorial Day is for remembering, and says it's easier to do that with others in similar situations, others like the Carrier family.

Young and old, they gathered Monday near the family patriarch's headstone.

Some of the grandchildren never met their Grandfather Carrier, but that doesn't mean they won't know who he was.

Stories like this were quite common at Camp Nelson on this Memorial Day, with a common theme of keeping the person's memory alive.

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