H1N1 virus hits Madison County schools

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There is concern over another case of the H1N1 virus in Madison County.

This time a student at Madison Central High School caught the bug, and some parents are worried it's being spread to their children.

For the first time a parent of a child with a suspected case talked to 27 NEWSFIRST.

"He began coughing, a really deep cough," said Shawne Scott.

Scott is a parent of a 15 year old, who attends Madison Central High School. Her son who has down syndrome began showing symptoms of the H1N1 virus last Thursday.

"We immediately took him out of school and had him checked out by a doctor. They put him on Tamiflu, " Scott said.

Scott won't find out until later this week if her son has the virus. But she's concerned because, she says, he's in the same class with two students who who are in the Supports for Living Community program where last week the states first cluster of the virus was identified.

"I'm more worried about other children who may have been exposed," she said.

"I feel like the school shouldn't have waited until Monday to notify the students and parents," she went on to say.

The school system handed out a district wide letter Monday afternoon to every student informing their parents or guardians about the confirmed case.

Parents of students who may have been exposed to the virus were also contacted personally.

"We first learned Sunday morning through the students parent of the confirmed case," said Christie Green, the Public Information Officer for the Madison County Health Department.

Green says they cannot take action until there is a confirmed case. But they have been working diligently since Sunday morning to take the necessary precautions to protect the students and staff in Madison County.

"The district is thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the building and will continue to do that as needed," Green said.

The school is in close contact with the state and CDC, but at this time there are no plans to close the school.

"We are waiting to find out if any other students who might have been exposed experience any flu like symptoms, before and further action would be taken," Green said.

Shawne Scott's son is one of those students who must now wait word from the CDC. It could be several more days before they find out if he has H1N1 virus.

As of Monday, the total confirmed cases of the virus was seven.

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