Over-The-Counter Pain Medicine Recalled

Health officials are warning consumers to check their medicine cabinets. Millions of bottles of store brand, pain pills are being recalled Thursday because the company says the pills may contain small pieces of metal.

Eleven million bottles of generic Acetaminophen are being recalled
after metal fragments were discovered during a routine check. There are no reports by the food and drug administration of anyone being either ill or injured.

The pain relieving drug is manufactured by a company outside of
Kalamazoo, Michigan, called Perrigo. It has not released the store
chains where it sells its drug.

The bottles in question contain 500 milligram caplets made by the
Perrigo company. The company has provided a toll free hot line number,1 877-546-0454, for consumers who may have already purchased its brand. A recording will take your name and address for what they're calling a return kit.

During a quality control check of 70 million pills, 200 caplets were
found to have metal fragments some only a microdot. Other metal pieced found were wires, a third of an inch long, according to the FDA.

The most common name brand for Acetaminophen is Tylenol, but officials stress that Tylenol is not involved in the recall. For now, to be safe, check the label of any generic bottles of Acetaminophen you may have in your cupboard. If it is made by Perrigo, to be safe, you should probably not take it.